Lumma CLR X6 R

LUMMA CLR X 6 R : LUMMA Design presents the widebody BMW X6 F16 series!

The most striking modification of the Sport Activity Coupé performed by LUMMA Design however is of course, its spectacular widebody transformation. The LUMMA CLR X 6 R body kit underlying the evidently muscular growth accounts for a growth of about 50 millimeters on each side thanks to the wheel arch enlargements with air boxes on both axles! To match the broad shoulders, the imaginative team built around the tuning veteran Horst Lumma created for the bug of the X6, a front spoiler bumper bar with integrated, shaded LED double lamps and the LUMMA- typical daytime running lights in two-fold design based on the state of the art fiber optic light guide technology. For this purpose, LUMMA Design combines a front spoiler base part made of carbon. The base parts of the side skirts, which ensure an optical connection of the displayed wheel archs, and are also fitted with ventilation ducts, are also based on carbon fiber tissues. The eyecatcher on the rear is no doubt, the rear apron bumper bar with diffuser, which houses the four tail pipes (with the thickness of an arm) of the sports exhaust system. A rear spoiler ensures improved downforce on the rear axle and is optically and aerodynamically complemented by a roof spoiler. Another highlight in the bodywork modifications is the newly designed engine hood in sports looks made completely, of high- tensile and at the same time, ultra-light carbon – it is indeed for a reason that this high-tech material is regularly used in racing competitions. In addition to a centrally-installed massive air vent, the hood has other deaeration systems on both sides and thus ensures the sufficient discharge of heat, particularly in high-performance engines.

For the optimal transfer of this herculean strength to the surface of the road, LUMMA Design offers wheels that are of course, classy as well as sporty. The super sports wheels designated as LUMMA CLR Racing that were particularly designed and constructed for the new X6 measure a whopping 10x22 inches on the front axle and a fabulous 12x22 inches on the rear axle. This wheel looks particularly sporty through the massive concavity of the new rim design: In spite of its huge dimensions and the extreme level of wheel strength, the wheel appears light through the filigree spokes. The new LUMMA CLR Racing sports rim can be choosen in the standard finishes of silver and matt black as well as optionally in any other color for optical individualization. As additional divergence, the inserts between the wheel spokes can be highlighted in contrast colors as well as in coordinated color-match. The rims are combined with Vredestein Ultrac Vorti-tires of the XXL dimensions 295/30-22 and 335/25-22. In spite of these super-wide wheel/tire combinations, the massive CLR X 6 R wheel houses even leave a few millimeters of space for the installation of the company‘s own LUMMA performance spacing rings.

Of course LUMMA Design also did extensive work on the passenger‘s compartment of the new X6 and thus demonstrates the accomplished craftmanship of the company‘s own saddlery through the work of the great Munich native in the course of the transformation to LUMMA CLR X 6 R: In addition to the processing of high-end materials such as fine leather and alcantara, LUMMA‘s master upholsterer also created decorative seams in contrast colors, design leather and high-grade embossment of the LUMMA emblem. The original seats had to make way for the LUMMA sports seats with more side support and integrated airbags. An absolute highlight should be the individual sports seats that are integrated in the rear of the passenger‘s compartment. To round it all up optically, even the safety belt was adapted to the color of the interior. The full velours floor mats as well as the baggage trunk mat are enclosed in real leather and fitted with the LUMMA Design crest logo and in addition to the LUMMA aluminum pedal systems including foot rest, round up the interior program.

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