Lumma CLR X7

The tuning specialist LUMMA Design GmbH & Co. KG starts the sale of its extensive refinement programme CLR X7 for the BMW X7. Striking, muscular body components, elegant alloy wheels and exclusive features for the interior of the SUV top model can now be ordered.

Individual looks are the focus of the offer : the heart of the LUMMA refinements are the striking aerodynamic modifications: Imposing wheel arch extensions combined with the new look of the front apron, rear spoiler lip, roof spoiler and rear apron diffuser all transform the somewhat matter-of-fact series X7 into an elegant, athletic wide body.

Alloy wheels in XXL format: the range of wheel-tyre combinations has also been perfectly matched to the looks and technical requirements of the widened body. The LUMMA CLR 24 RS alloy wheels featuring dimensions of 10x24 inches on the front axle, and 13x24 inches at the rear guarantee excellent load capacity and stability while keeping unsprung weight to a minimum. For maximum grip, the wheels are clad with ultra-high-performance tyres in widths of 295 and 355 millimetres. The new 23-inch wheel is a little smaller but no less impressive and is called the LUMMA CLR 23 LR.

An interior tailored exactly to your taste: the tuning specialists can also completely redesign the interior on request. Everything is available, from the aluminium pedal set to embroidered floor mats and the exclusive full leather interior. The team working with Horst Lumma knows exactly how to create a harmonious combination of individual taste and state-of-the-art technology. /div>

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