Lumma CLR 558 GT-R

Aggressive, aristocratic, self-confident: LUMMA CLR 558 GT-R conversion for the 2015 Porsche Cayenne.

• Wide body conversion for the facelift Porsche SUV
• LUMMA CLR Racing Sport Wheels in 22-inch, with two-tone version
• Bespoke interiors in fine leather

Four years after launch, Porsche has updated its second-generation Cayenne, and now LUMMA Design proudly presents the CLR 558 GT-R, its wide body conversion for this face-lifted SUV. Distinctive features that immediately grab your attention are the spectacular wide body styling, large exhaust outlets in a choice of three central or twin double pipe designs, and the new 22-inch diameter LUMMA CLR Racing sports wheels, also available in an exclusive two-tone version. This tough looking conversion is now available for all 2015-on Cayenne models, including the Turbo and Turbo S.

The existing CLR 558 GT conversion forms the basis of the new GT-R conversion. Just as Porsche itself has done, the front of the GT-R conversion is modified for the facelift model, larger grille openings with mesh inserts giving the new LUMMA CLR 558 GT-R its more purposeful look. The new lower front bumper section gives the car a more grounded look, while its aerofoil section helps to reduce lift over the front axle. At the rear, the new rear apron features an integrated diffuser that comes in two designs depending on the exhaust system chosen.
If you go for the central three-outlet pipe arrangement, the diffuser will be in two sections around the pipes. Otherwise the two sets of twin 100mm diameter tailpipes flank the central diffuser. The latter style suits owners who require a tow bar.Fleshing out the Cayenne‘s flanks, the big arches add 40mm to front and rear width, while the wide wheel arch extensions and lower door mouldings work with the side skirts to visually connect the wider arches. The final parts of the aero kit are the tailgate lip spoiler and the rooftop spoiler, both of which are glued in place.

Another visual highlight of the CLR 558 GT-R is the 22-inch diameter LUMMA CLR Racing Sport wheel, fitted to the wide body Cayenne with Performance Spacers. Sized 10.0J and 12.0J x 22-inches front and rear respectively, and shod with 295/30ZR22 and 335/25ZR22 tyres, these elegant wheels come in a two-tone version with polished faces against a Black Smoke background. A clearcoat lacquer protects the finish from the elements.

This LUMMA Design conversion is available for all Cayenne models from 2015 onwards. All the parts required for installation are included, and LUMMA Design offers an additional lighting kit for the Cayenne Turbo and Turbo S models. Wide body conversion specialist, LUMMA Design, manufactures all its components in Germany. LUMMA Design also offers a wide range of individual interior upgrades to match their Porsche Cayenne exterior conversions. These range from a set of alloy floor pedals and high quality carpet mats with the LUMMA emblem and leather edging to a complete bespoke re- trim in fine leather and Alcantara, with carbon-fibre or wood inlays.




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