Lumma CLR R Facelift 2018

In view of the good sales figures of the LUMMA CLR RS 2018 based on the Range Rover Sport facelift model, LUMMA Design has decided to also offer a body kit for the facelift model of the Range Rover Vogue, the LUMMA CLR R 2018. Particularly noteworthy is the redesigned front end with striking, indicated air intakes on the right and left as well as the daytime running light holders, which continue the grill design from the center to the outside. The sports front grille has also been adapted to the facelift model and adapts elegantly to the new shapes. It will also be available for the production model without body kit. Another important information for you : the front of the CLR R 2018 can be combined with the previously existing parts (wheel arch extensions, rear apron, etc.) of the CLR R and CLR R GT EVO, so that two different body kits are also available for the new model! The CLR SR is not offered for the facelift.

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